The Next Generation of Digital Asset Bank

To make people all over the world can easily pay bills and use banking service

FINCHAIN is creating a better digital asset bank that is more competitive with traditional banks. With decentralized governance, each user is free to distribute digital assets lawfully and legally and to receive、trade、 store、Loan

Why FinChain?

  • Powering financial products for Banked and Unbanked

    FinChain's Digital Asset Services provide asset transfer solutions to 3.5 billion people worldwide without bank accounts and 2.5 billion bank accounts, a unique cross-border financial platform serving the global community.

  • Facilitating low-cost Currency Exchanges

    Peeling off the high credit card fees, use digital assets in FinChain wallets to settle, break financial monopolies, and recoup profits of brokers.

  • Promote global investment

    FinChain products allow users to enter the global economy in a distributed manner. They can promote the value of cross-border transfers, resulting in higher yields, making the portfolio more diverse and diversified.

Technology Architecture

FinChain delivers millions of transactions per second using the LMAX High Speed Matching Engine based on graphene program. The system node will provide an efficient and secure blockchain packaging service through DPOS consensus. In the future, EOS adoption will be more scalable.

  • LMAX engine

  • Commissioned proof of rights

  • Witness node

Core Advantages

A simple and secure bank ,that everyone can use

We believe that the adoption of protocol-level innovations to facilitate easy and secure transactions, application layer innovations to improve the user experience, and by injecting commercial and operational expertise can greatly increase the adoption rate of FinChain bank. To this end, FinChain brings the following series of improvements and features.

White Paper

Directly help people who are living in poverty .

It is our mission and dream that every user owns digital assets, which we firmly believe only inclusive finance can make mass-market blockchain technology as fast as possible for the benefit of all the world.

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endow everyone the right to get wealth truely

Road Map

Date Progress Community

Asset Refining Improvements and Multi-Signature Wa



FinChain Foundation found

10K +


Set up FinChain Basic framework

20K +


Launch of Manila Overseas Operations Center



Wallet v1.0.4 release



Asset Offering Function Released


Stay tuned


500K+ Users around 10+ countries


This is the first public-chain project that has the opportunity to change the world finance

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